What is Wise

Wise is a financial institution that allows you to make international transfers by simply paying by credit card, local transfer or PayPal.

Example :

  • You must make an international transfer, from any country.
  • You pay Wise by credit card, PayPal or by local transfer.
  • Wise takes care of sending a transfer to the seller

Not only it is easier than an international bank transfer, it’s also faster and cheaper.

Pay through Wise

As for standard international transfers, to make a payment via Wise, you only need to have the following information about the beneficiary:

  • Full name
  • Company Email
  • Bank account number

*To obtain the information, please contact us by private message or by e-mail.

Here's how a money transfer works at Wise:

      1. Insert the exact amount in EURO of your FU3GO order.
      2. Select the “Quick Transfer” option
      3. Change the beneficiary’s currency to HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
      4. Click continue

TO KNOW: The costs are deducted directly from the amount of your order.

Select "Other beneficiary"

      1. Email: wise@fu3go.co
      2. Last name and first name: On request ( Discord or by e-mail )
      3. Bank name: On request ( Discord or by e-mail )
      4. Account number: On request ( Discord or by e-mail )
      5. Confirm

An intermediate step can sometimes be added to this stage of payment

This does not happen all the time, but you may be asked for identity confirmation via your identity card or passport.

Please insert your FU3GO order number in "reference"

You can find your order number via the confirmation email or by logging in via fu3go.co> In the “Orders” section.

Check the beneficiary’s details so as not to make any mistakes. If everything is ok, click confirm and continue.

Select "Debit Card", "Credit Card" or "PayPal" and click "Proceed to Payment"

All you have to do is insert your bank details and validate your payment.

A message will appear to let you know if your payment has been made or not.

If your payment has been validated. An e-mail confirming your order will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours.

A problem? Questions? Contact us via wise@fu3go.co or Join our Discord